A Quick Primer about NDIS Occupational Therapy for Children

Here is a quick guide about NDIS occupational therapy for children and how it can help you and your children. The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) was put in place to provide support for eligible people that are suffering from a number of disabilities. However, what some people don’t understand is that the NDIS was not set up to become a welfare program, but a platform from which support and services can be provided to those who are eligible for it.

How can I know if my child is eligible for NDIS?

The simple answer is this: if your kid has a permanent and significant disability, rest assured that NDIS occupational therapy for children will be available for him or her. Take note, however, that eligible children of different ages will have different support pathways laid out for them.

  • A child 0-6 years old will be able to get support via the NDIS’ early intervention approach.
  • A child 7 years and older will be able to get support depending on what the NDIA planner or local area coordination partner has ascertained is best for your child.

One of the requirements for a child to be eligible is that the child must be either an Australian citizen or has acquired permanent residency in the country. Children carrying a Protected Special Category Visa are eligible as well.

For children 0-6 years old, they must have a significant disability that permanently affects their development. For children 7 years and older, they must have a significant disability that permanently affects their capabilities to engage in daily activities.

What are the services or therapies available for my child?

In a nutshell, the NDIS can provide support for psychology and occupational therapy services for children. These include speech therapy for kids, therapy for sensory issues, social skills development, motor skills development, personal care, and others. The funding that NDIS will provide will be determined according to your child’s specific NDIS plan, which will be outlined depending on the aspirations and goals of your child.

The NDIS can fund services like:

  • Support for daily living activities
  • Transportation and equipment to allow your child to participate in educational, community, and social activities
  • Speech assessment and other therapeutic and behavioral support
  • Modifications to your car or home

You have the right to control and choose which service providers you will go to, as well as when and how your child gets the support he or she needs. Established providers will be able to offer a variety of therapeutical services for children, as well as other services such as physiotherapy for disabled, speech therapy, and lifestyle and leisure services, both for children and adults.

Montrose is a non-profit organisation and NDIS-registered provider that has more than eight decades of experience under its belt providing NDIS occupational therapy for children as well as other services. They have the knowledge and expertise to support those with physical disabilities, developmental issues, and neuro-muscular conditions, including autism. Contact them at https://www.montrose.org.au/ if you need to know more about how they can help you.