Classroom Recycling: How to Make it Fun for Kids?

Recycling is one way of helping the environment, humanity and animals. The good news is that recycling can be learned by anyone, especially to children. Younger people are moldable which means whatever you teach during these years there’s a huge possibility that they will bring it until they get older. Aside from training them at home, schools also have a great part to see the best result. Recycling shouldn’t be complicated for the kids, it can be done simply by putting classroom recycling bins and train where a certain waste belongs.

classroom recycling bins

Ecobin’s 4 bin waste separation system can be a good starter in implementing a recycling program in the classroom. The mentioned waste separation system is composed of four bins labelled with Landfill only, Mixed Recycling, Paper Recycling and Organic Waste.

In 2018 statistics, there are 3.8 million students enrolled in 9,477 schools in Australia. Every year, students and schools produce tons of recyclable materials like cans, bottles, paper and many more. So, imagine if all schools with the help of the students and the support of the families step up to the recycling challenge?

Australia’s waste is already a problem a long ago and it is important to equip children with enough knowledge and good practice for them to contribute solutions or help lessen the current waste problem.

To make recycling more engaging and fun for kids here are a few suggestions you can try.

Put recycling bins designed for kids

Kids have different taste and to catch their attention it is important to follow their preference. Putting recycling bins designed just for kids inside the classroom is one way to attract and teach them about recycling. Do not also forget to put outside bins designed for kids it is a reminder for them that recycling isn’t just inside the classroom but also when they are outside or anywhere they go. Highlight to them the positive impact they can give to the environment when they recycle. Children are normally helpful and they like it more when you recognize their acts. A company like Ecobin offers recycling bins which are designed specifically for kids.

Conduct classroom recycling bins designing contest

Kids are competitive as well as imaginative in nature so they surely have different recycling bin ideas in mind and it’s nice to take advantage of it. Conducting recycling bins designing contest will make recycling fun for the kids.

Try recycling game

Children love games so this is the most effective and excellent way to train them about recycling. You can group the kids, each group should arrange the pile of recyclable materials into 4 classroom recycling bins labelled with Landfill only, Mixed Recycling, Paper Recycling and Organic Waste. The first group to arrange the recyclable materials is the winner!

Immersion at a recycling centre

Experience is the best teacher, right? To make recycling more fun, have their immersion at a recycling centre. This kind of experience will make them understand what really happens to things they are recycling.

Teaching kids about recycling at school isn’t hard especially when they are already trained at home. School might be a training ground for a child’s future but the basic training about recycling should start at home. The kitchen caddy Australia is one of the famous ways of training the kids. Having kitchen caddy at home where you can temporarily store your food waste will create an idea to your children of how important recycling is.

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