How much does it cost to see a dentist without insurance?

Healthcare can be expensive, especially if you don’t have insurance. Dental services in Australia don’t have a fixed price, but it can be quite costly too depending on the service, case, and clinic. If you’re planning to visit one, knowing how much dentist prices without insurance costs beforehand will help you plan ahead.

To give you an idea of the amount you’ll have to prepare, here’s a list of the average prices of dental services in Australia:

Dental checkup

Knowing the state of your oral health is important before receiving any kind of treatment. Therefore, a dental checkup is required for a new patient. The cost of an oral examination ranges from $150 – $300. Of course, dentist prices without insurance vary depending on the inclusions of the checkup. Some dentists may price higher if it includes scaling or fluoride treatment.

X-ray and oral prophylaxis

Need a more in-depth examination of your teeth? The dentist might recommend getting an x-ray. The average cost of an x-ray is at $45 per exposure without insurance.

If your teeth require plaque and calculus removal, it will cost an average of $118. Additional fluoride treatment might be needed to ensure stronger teeth, which costs an average of $38. Dentist prices without insurance might also cost more if you’re seeing a specialist as opposed to a general practitioner.

Fissure sealing and tooth filling

Cavities need to be treated as soon as possible to prevent it from progressing to tooth decay or gingivitis. The average price of fissure sealing a tooth is at $59. This depends on the material of the seal used by the dentist.

For a decayed tooth that doesn’t need to be extracted, tooth filling is an option. The average dental filling cost varies depending on the position of the tooth (anterior or posterior), the surfaces that need to be filled, and the material used for the filling. This can cost anywhere from $153 – $202 per tooth. Check Fix Dental for more details.

Tooth extraction and root canal

If your tooth needs to be extracted, you should prepare at least $135 – $295. Extracting your teeth price varies depending on the affected tooth (incisors, canines, or molars) and whether it needs surgery to be extracted.

Don’t want a tooth extraction? Your dentist might recommend getting a root canal treatment for the infected tooth. The root canal preparation costs around $183 – $410 for only one canal, while the treatment itself can cost up to $1,700 – $2,700.

Dental crowns and dentures

For chipped teeth, dental crowns can restore its normal size, shape, function, and strength. The average dental crown cost is around $1,261 – $1,945 for a full, veneered, and indirect crown.

Dentures are also available to replace missing teeth and provide support to the surrounding tissues. Complete maxillary dentures are priced at $943 – $1,990 depending on the material used.

Where to look for affordable dental services

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